There’s a fascination surrounding subcultures; where the young and reckless are a catalyst for all things cult. Three young fashion photographers have come together to present their works in a collaborated exhibition; UNTITLED.  With a keen eye and aesthetic edge, their photographs brings the world of gritty glamour to everyday settings. Hausie attended the opening night at Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong.

UNTITLED at Above Second  | Photography by Lauren Engel

THE FLIRT by Lauren Engel | Photography by Hausie

Mherck Dela Cruz (AABMW) showcased a series of black and white photographs depicting models enjoying and interacting with food. Hausie had the pleasure to speak to Mherck about his concept behind the series, titled FOOD PORN. Mherck explains, “after working 10 hours a day and Hong Kong is very busy city, you just want to go home and open your fridge or order something to eat. Since you cant be sexual outside, Why not be naked at home and grab something to eat?” The work is deliberately sensual; to portray the pleasure of food and nude exhibition. Having trained under the guidance of respected conceptual photographer Rxandy Capinpin, Mherck’s work does not follow traditional styles, challenging rationale and provoking the mind.

FOOD PORN by Mherck Dela Cruz (AABMW) | Photography courtesy of Above Second

Nicoline Aagesen, model-dancer turned fashion photographer; captures the high tension, technicolour world of herself and her friends. Her exhibiting collection, MCMR, features models, a bath tub, and colourful water. It’s striking, it’s erotic, it plays on fantasy. Aagensen examines the female body, using props and water to censor her subjects – a satire and representation of the absurd censorship rules of traditional media. Balancing the risqué and beautiful, with mentors such as Hong Kong’s homegrown Simon Birch, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Aagensen around.

MCMR by Nicoline Aagesen | Photography courtesy of Above Second

Youngest but not least is Lauren Engel. Raised in Hong Kong and situated once in New York, Sydney, and Boston, Engel has a well traveled, metropolitan perspective that lends to her photography. Only recently graduated but published in a wealth of platforms, (Vogue France, GQ France, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, C-Heads Magazine, Hypebeast, and Highsnobiety), Engel is all set as an up and coming fashion photographer. For UNTITLED, Engel’s first gallery exhibit, the photographer presents THE FLIRT; two images of models masked in purple glitter. It’s as much a study of shape and light as it is pure glitter aesthetic.

THE FLIRT by Lauren Engel | Photography courtesy of Above Second

 Lauren Engel, Mherck Dela Cruz, and Nicoline Aagesen| Photography by Hausie

With special thanks to Mherck Dela Cruz for his artistic insight and personal comments. Press materials courtesy of Above Second.

Written by Sonia Wan

Edited by Christina Wright