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Utopian Bodies is the fashion exhibition with a difference, in liue of cherishing  great designers or a period of fashion, this world exhibition looks to the future. With enhanced focus on the next generation, spot light work is displayed by the connoisseurs of design such as Viktor&Rolf, Hussein Chalayan and Iris van Herpen.

Curated by Serge Martynov and Sofia Hedman of Museea, the exhibition held in the Swedish capital is spread over 11 galleries of the museum and is only display until February 7, 2016. (Dazeen, 2015)


Charlie Le Mindu, headpiece “Kiss me”, SS 2011. Photo by Vernie Yeung

Utopian Bodies, installation shot of Technology gallery. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck

Utopian Bodies, installation shot of Craft & Colour installation. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck.

H&M “Love” dress, in the exhibition gallery of the same name. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck.

Marketa Martiskova, Ensemble “Protest” 2012. Photo by Etienne Tordoir | Hussein Chalayan, Ensemble SS 2013.

Anrealage, Ensemble WIDESHORTSLIMLONG, AW 2010

Utopian Bodies, installation shot of Resitance & Beauty gallery. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck

Ryohei Kawanishi, ensemble “Fairy Tales” 2012. Photo by Yuta Kawanishi | Satsuki Ohata, Fondue Slipper, 2014.
Photo by Shouta Kikuchi.

Walter Van Beirendonck, headpiece “Weird” AW 2005. Courtesy of Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp. Photo by Roland Stoops | Bea Szenfeld, MINI MIKI 2015. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck

Anna–Sara Dåvik, Kikero 2015. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck | H&M, Beauty Beyond Debris 2015. Photo by Mattias Lindbäck

Jolan van der Wiel x Iris van Herpen, Magnetic shoe. Photo by Federico Da Fies | Miguel Mesa Posada, Dress “Altiplano” 2014. Photo by Estudio Silva / Moreno

Commenting on the cultivate display of arts and fashion, curator Sofia Hedman claims;

“The central aim of the exhibition is to present the great power and possibilities of fashion, and inspire visitors to search for their vision of the future.” Sofia Hedman (Dazeen , 2015)