As the world of fashion and architecture is one with multiple similarities and a drive for the same end result, a fresh wave of designs have emerged downscaling the dimensions of our urban surroundings into wearable art.

Drawing design inspiration from urban surroundings and embedding it within a luxe minimal handbag collection, designer Agnes Kovacs is the creative behind the black and white bags collection “Pons.”

Agnes Kovacs | Pons

On a daily mission to discover serenity and purity among the overload of stimuli and information of the surrounding world, each handbag features two distant points and acts as a bridge.

Agnes Kovacs | Pons

Coated in fine leather with delicate touches of wood, each bag is enriched with fine elegance.

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Konstantin Kofta | Arxi Collection

Inspired by the dramatic sculptural lines and the delicate curves of the XVIth century buildings, the Arxi collection by Ukrainian designer Konstantin Kofta revives baroque architecture.

Konstantin Kofta | Arxi Collection

Adopting decorative elements of grey stone to adorn the facade of each piece, the quirky collection of backpacks and handbags mimic the lavish period. (Fubiz, 2015)

Vlad Tenu | Synthetic Nature

Drawing on his architectural experience whilst exploring the design interlay between computation, science and technology, Romanian architect Vlad Tenu’s futuristic collection resembles a colourful array of molecular bubbles. The “Synthetic Nature” collection, involves a set of prototypes created by his holistic architectural design research into the genesis of form and space.

The alien-like designs involve nature’s algorithms, geometrical limitations, and mathematical relationships. Reflecting on his architectural craft, Tenu focuses on periodic minimal surfaces and strives to create continuous surfaces that are infinitely expandable.

Vlad Tenu | Synthetic Nature

Although the collection may not be suitable for everyday wear, the intricate patterns enriched with  bursts of modern colour have a mysterious allure. Commenting on the fusion between architecture and wearable art, Tenu states;

“Synthetic Nature is an instance of my explorative research into spatiality, scale and materiality; all with deep roots in my architectural background. The work has transcended those levels by creating artefacts that are interpretable and adaptable to anything from jewellery, fashion, product design and interiors, architecture to fine art.” (Design Milk, 2015)

Percy Lau | “Seeing is  Believing”

Adopting an installation theme for the face, Hong-Kong based designer Percy Lau’s architectural type spectacles encompass conceptual art, surrealism and avant-garde theatrical visions.

Percy Lau | “Seeing is  Believing”

Working alongside  Emily Pugh and Madame Peripetie, the embedded core elements are brought to life through a range of unusual shapes and multiple lenses. (Dazeed Magazine, 2014)

Ezekiel Design Studio | Mahogany Wood Ring


Eloquently adopting the concept of modern architecture whilst revitalising the 3-D shape, the hand-crafted Mahogany wood ring by established product designer Shimon Ezekiel emphasises structural ideologies. The delicately hand-crafted piece is eco-friendly, with an enhanced focus on redefining an image back to its natural  building blocks.

Angela Ciobanu | FORGET-ME-NOT


Gifted in creative design skills with an architecturally academic background, Angela Ciobanu’s array of contemporary jewellery ensures the proportions of each piece are always subordinated to a concept. Downscaling her familiar dimensions, the Forget-Me-Not designer creates each piece based on micro-architecture concepts.

Bianca Chong | . Re.articulation .


Re-defining creative articulation, talented designer Bianca Chong refers her abstruse workings to the placement and styling of elements within architectural structures. Adopting traditional hand-crafted leather techniques and metal work, Chong then combines her concepts with the latest technologies in 3D computer software and CNC.

Her visionary concept of articulation and continuity is explored in terms of visual language, through the placement of fashion accessories on the body.

Mina Ro Mina


Embracing the fierce exotism of the emblematic neighbourhoods in Mexico city: La Roma and La Condesa. Erika Ponce’s architectural inspiration adds depth and an energized architectural eclecticism to the  Mina Ro Mina’s collection of harmonic combinations. Featuring an array of hand sculpted naturalistic elements of a Mexican neoclassic architecture, and graphic art deco shapes cut out of natural stones,  the collection is a masterful balance of romance and edginess.

Commenting on the wearable micro-dimensions reminiscent of architectural installations , bespectacled connoisseur Percy Lau provides her directional rationale;

“In the very beginning, I wanted to make jewellery to make people happy. Now I want to make pieces that make people think.” Percy Lau


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