With an appreciation for timeless beauty, Dora Yin, founder of YIN Jewelry infuses nature and heritage into exquisite, hand-made gold accessories. Although gold is widely characterised as a symbol of blessing, some younger tier consumers see yellow gold in particular, as a dated material. Options in the market are limited, and YIN filled the gap by introducing modern and minimalist looks in 18k gold.

YIN 007 the Intersected Gold-lines Rings

Intersected Gold-lines Rings | Photography courtesy of YIN

Rather than 24K, 18 carats gold serves to express aesthetics of the brand, for its superior durability and flexibility. With its unique color, it is a precious metal that has captivated people since the beginning of time. To customize, YIN also offers 18K rose gold or white gold based on customer requests.

YIN 001 The Mobius Collections - Wedding Rings

The Mobius Collections – Wedding Rings | Photography courtesy of YIN

Yin’s design endorses the concept of ‘Gentlewoman’. She is independent, brave, brilliant, empathetic, well-educated with a sophisticated taste. The designer delivers messages of love, romance and femininity out of traditional metals and challenges the stereotype of bulky, nouveau jewelry. The debut design, YIN The Möbius Strip, is definitely an essential. Deriving from the Möbius Strip concept – take a paper strip and give it a half-twist, and then join the ends of the strip to form a loop. Turning the paper into a surface with only one side and only one boundary. There is no front and back, no positive and negative, no beginning and ending. YIN seizes this concept of eternity with an exquisitely handcrafted gold ring. After adjusting the design 10 times, the accuracy of the width, thickness and angle of the “twist” was found. The transcendent message of love: “I’m always by your side” shimmers with the simple and skinny ring.

YIN 001 The Mobius Collections - Bracelet

The Mobius Collections – Bracelet | Photography courtesy of YIN

Every piece is equipped with the ability to spark the imagination of the people who wear them. YIN Jewelry is an exploration of the relationship between eternal materials versus self – minimal form versus complex theory. Wearers can feel the natural wonder within every well-crafted piece. The names of the collections are pronounced in a similar way to the brand name but presented in different Chinese characters. Good coordination of the names and the collections gives clues for wearers to interpret the collection’s messages. For YIN, the profound cultural implication of Chinese characters also helps capture the concept of the design. And sometimes this process is reversed.

YIN 005 The Warm Pearl Collection

The Warm Pearl Collection | Photography courtesy of YIN

YIN pays great attention to visionary presentation. In pursuit of expressing brand aesthetics to every detail, the photography of each collection sympathizes with a tender concept. White background highlights the texture of products and symbolizes the space YIN’s Jewelry leaves for imagination. In addition, the package of each product is shaped as a pyramid in glass. Sophistication and timelessness is what YIN Jewelry is all about.

“Gold is as beautiful and timeless as truth.”

Dora Yin, upon visiting Victoria & Albert Museum London, 2014.


Visionary presentation of YIN | Photography courtesy of YIN

The Phases of the Moon Series Necklace | Photography courtesy of YIN Jewelry

The Phases of the Moon Series Necklace | Photography courtesy of YIN

YIN Jewelry position themselves as the humble final touch that completes an outfit, making the wearer unforgettable. Just like the classic white shirt in the wardrobe; that never ceases to fit for all occasions and transcend time.

“The simplest things are often the truest. “

Richard Bach, 1936.

With special thanks to Dora Yin for her personal comments and press materials.